• Elixir Roma

    Elixir Roma

    Elixir Roma

  • Sinan Torunoglu

    Sinan Torunoglu

    web designer & developer

  • Yin Zhang

    Yin Zhang

    Everything is in the program...

  • Louis Larpin

    Louis Larpin

  • Gregory Burd

    Gregory Burd

    ♥: wife, son; work: basho, distributed database systems; avocation: machine learning/statistics, programming languages, F/LOSS, guitar, swimming, sailing

  • Jose F Lopez

    Jose F Lopez

  • huizong ch1

    huizong ch1

  • Rob Hirschfeld

    Rob Hirschfeld

    Founder/CEO RackN. OpenStack board member. Digital Rebar (nee Crowbar) Founder. Lean/Agile Evangelist. EV driver. Human as a Service.

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