As things stand, FinTech solves problems and addresses pain points through innovative models, however, it is still reliant on legacy banking infrastructure. Cryptocurrency and its underlying technology, blockchain, has the power to revolutionise that infrastructure and, in doing so, revolutionise financial services work.

Even though Bitcoin has been making the…

We’re onboard to help out with three of our favourite conferences who have now gone virtual.


10–11 of September. This is the speaking line up that was originally organised for Code BEAM STO, now delivered online. Speakers include Viktória Fördős (Cisco NSO Core), Christopher Price (Ericsson Head of Software Technology)…

by László Hegedüs

Throughout my professional career, I’ve had the chance to work with a few programming languages from different paradigms. Some of them were a joy to use, others, were bloated with features that could make even the simplest code unreadable. A little over two years ago I decided…

by Michał Piotrowski

MIM banner phone

MongooseIM offers a completely customisable enterprise Instant Messaging solution. This helps large organisations build solutions that meet the unique requirements of their users. As a result, we’ve built many best-in-class instant messaging platforms for household names in social media, telecoms and the health industry. In our latest…

Erlang Solutions

World-class solutions for issues of scale, reliability & performance. Passionate about Erlang & Elixir. MongooseIM & WombatOAM creators. Also RabbitMQ experts!

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